Reliable Out of Band Connections,
WHEN you need them

USRobotics now offers a new product to the high quality secure remote management Courier product family - the USRobotics Courier Console Server & Power Switch Hybrid. This out of band solution allows remote managment for any device with a console port or the ability to power cyle attached devices that may not have built in reboot functionality or need a hard reboot.

When things are going wrong: the network is down, the firewall is frozen, the office hundreds of miles away doesn't have a IT admin on site - you know with a console server hybrid, a dialup modem and a telephone line that you can still connect to the IT infrastructure's command line interfaces to troubleshoot or force a reboot from anywhere in the world.

Why pay for what you don't need?

With 4 console ports and 2 power ports, this product is ideal for small branches or remote locations with a smaller IT closet. Save money by reducing the number of phone lines and backup modems by consolidating to just 1 modem, 1 phone line, and the USR Console Server Hybrid.

Console Server & Power Switch Hybrid diagram

Console Server Hybrid Features & Benefits

  • Remotely manage routers, servers, firewalls, PBX systems from anywhere in the world
  • Remotely power cycle any connected device
  • Reduce the number of OOB backup modems needed by consolidating to one device and modem
  • Built in security for Admins and up to 15 users
  • Rely on dual layer rock solid security when used with the USRobotics Courier Modem on both ends

Who needs a Console Server & Power Hybrid?

Companies of all sizes from SMB to Enterprise all need to manage their IT equipment and have a backup for when broadband goes down - while rare, it does happen. Problematic routers or firewalls that tend to freeze and don't have built in reboot features can also benefit from having separate PDUs to force a power cycle. Similarly, some devices can crash so that accessing via the network is impossible so that the best option is connect with a dialup modem through a console port into the command line interface to do basic troubleshooting so that access via the network can be re-established.

Many have branch locations or offices around the world may not have IT personnel to manage them for hands on maintenance when the normal network connection goes down or is interrupted. Users still need to be able to access the network data and the IT admins need to be able to troubleshoot remotely without the need for a truckroll. Every company needs to be back up and running as quickly as possible - we understand your mission critical needs. The USRobotics Console Server & Power Hybrid combines both the console server and power switch into one powerful tool that can save space, time, and money.

Remotely Reboot

Sometimes devices just need a hard reset.

Simple Command Line Interface

Easily set up users, monitor power, and connect to attached devices.

Excellent Compatibility

Use with any device that has a console port

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