The Internet of Things (IoT)

How will you get your M2M (Machine to Machine) devices connected?
Integrating cellular connectivity into your solution is easier than you think.

M2M Applications are Virtually Limitless

Transportation, Utilities, Agriculture - Connectivity demands are growing every day.


The flexibility and wide range of wireless has made it a top choice of many deployments that are constantly on the move. GSM 2G and 3G are prevalent in most areas around the world making it ideal for transportation.


The dependability and security of using a private cellular network allows government, state municipalities, and many other utility providers the assurance that private data will stay private.


The compact designs and powerful programming possibilities have allowed technology advances for every day life to be more effective and more efficient including agricultural and energy sectors.

Wireless technology means flexibility and mobility.

Where will you put
your cellular solution?
Cellular Modems

Cellular Modems
Serial, GSM

Most data communications have simple basic requirements: small transfer size, one way data transfer, minimal functionality. Most dumb terminals can handle these requirements with minimal configurations for fast and easy deployments. As the demands on the device increase, so does the overall functionality and "intelligence" of the modem.

These smart modems can function without the need for an attached computer and may be used for mobile terminated applications, such as remote management and access. When set up with a static IP and persistent connectivity the host can contact the modem at any time making it imperative for mission critical solutions. Most terminals and modems retain the legacy programming via a command line interface (CLI).

USR3500 Cellular ModemUSR's Cellular Modem is intelligent, small in size, and has a mobile accessory kit allowing it to be DC powered making it ideal for compact, GPS specific applications. It is available as a single sku for North America and Europe allowing for simplified device inventory for deployments.

  • GPS Capabilities for Fleet Tracking or Asset Management
  • Additional integrated robust software for easy programming, configuration and customization
  • Persistent Connectivity for Remote Management Solutions
  • Compact Design
  • Mobile and Etherent Accessory Kits

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Cellular Gateways

Cellular Gateways
Ethernet & Serial, CDMA & GSM

With an added Ethernet interface and routing functions, cellular Gateways provide a higher level of control and customization. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows quick and easy configurations via the cloud, with the option to duplicate setups for multiple units in large deployments. Within the GUI, the admin can monitor and provision SIMs, remotely change carriers, and update firmware using FOTA.

The USR3510 has an embedded serial port allows quick implementation for a wide variety of serial based systems already out in the field making it ideal for M2M Serial applications including remote maintenance and control, Point of Sale, monitoring, and automation.

USR3510 Cellular GatewayUSR's Cellular Gateway's modular design allows the use of a single base unit with the same user interface to be used in a variety of different applicaonis with different interface requirements. The dual radio also provides flexibility with cellular carriers and allows quick services changes, even while out in the field

  • Combined CDMA/EVDO and GSM/HSPA+ unit available for North America
  • GPS Capabilities for Fleet Tracking or Asset Management
  • Simple and Easy Cloud Based GUI
  • Built-in watchdog applications provide persistent connectivity for M2M applications that require always-on bidirectional data transfers
  • Modular Design - expansion cards available include: Wifi, RS-485 Serial Card, Ethernet Switch, and Telematics
  • Concealed SIM slot discourages unauthorized removal of SIM

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