Network monitoring, made simple

Companies have a need to monitor traffic - whether it be blocking harmful threats or checking for packet errors. There is a need for real-time access to that data and many opt for SPAN ports and port mirroring to analyze the network traffic. While a sufficient short-term solution, it's not ideal for long term and relies on devices resources for network traffic visibility. By installing a passive inline network tap you can retain all your network ports, remain invisible on the network, and non-intrusively provide data to network tools for real-time monitoring and analysis.

USRobotics now offers a family of Network Taps for both copper and fiber networks offering the following features and benefits:

• Provides a secure 24x7 point of access for network tools or for troubleshooting
• Make copies of data in real-time with very little or no traffic delay
• Completely non-intrusive
• 100% visibility into the network
• Passive devices will not be a single point of failure
• Network traffic continues to flow even if power is lost to the tap
• Physical layer devices and able to provide all traffic over that link for analysis
• Retain use of ports on network switches
• Low cost and a highly reliable way to provide data non-intrusively to network tools

Ideal for IT Admins

— Network operations
— Network engineering
— Web analytics
— Application analysis
— Information security
— Quality assurance

Reliable and Secure

Easily eliminate SPAN port contention, oversubscription, and configuration errors by utilizing taps in a permanent installation. TAPs are passive with no single point of failure and continue to pass network traffic in the event of power failure. And for extra security redundant power supplies available for our copper TAPs.

Monitoring & Analysis

Full duplex monitoring, fault-tolerant, view errors, with minimal latency. Our Aggregation TAPs have both full duplex and half duplex options allowing for greater flexibility of monitoring devices that may have one NIC or may require separate streams.

See how TAPs strengthen your network

Aggregating TAPs

Aggregating TAPs faultlessly combine 2 data streams, sending a single full-duplex data stream to the monitoring device only requiring a single network tool interface with a single port capable of taking both a transmit and receive data stream. With two monitor ports many aggregation TAPs are capable of providing data to two devices (ie. Snort or Wireshark). Aggregation TAPs also pass traffic at line rate. USR offers three different TAPs for a variety of situations. The traditional USR4523 USR Gigabit Ethernet Aggregation TAP has Gigabit Ethernet ports for the network as well as the monitoring ports. The USR4524 Gigabit Ethernet Aggregation TAP (USB Monitoring) has a single USB 3 port for monitoring out to a single device. And the USR4524-mini Portable Gigabit Ethernet Aggregation TAP (USB Monitoring) is a compact version of the USR4524 that relies on power over USB 3 and fits easily into a laptop bag.

Non-Aggregating Fiber TAPs

Most basic non-aggregating copper TAPs capture all traffic on a full-duplex network link but transfer out to the monitoring device in 2 half-duplex streams requiring two Receive (RX) ports on the network tool interface to provide the ability to monitor both sides of the traffic. USR offers the USR4525 Gigabit Multi-Mode Fiber Network Tap and USR4516LC Single-mode Gigabit LC Fiber TAP in LC connectors.

Ready to Secure your network?

USRobotics Network Taps are available from most major distributors and resellers. If you have any questions please contact one of our sales representatives at (877) 710-0884.